New book from Dr. Kevin Michaels – AeroDynamic: Inside the High-Stakes Global Jetliner Ecosystem

Globally recognized aerospace expert Kevin Michaels has profiled the exciting aircraft production environment in his new book AeroDynamic: Inside the High-Stakes Global Jetliner Ecosystem, published by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

AeroDynamic traces the transformation of the commercial jetliner business from 1990 to the present and shines the light on the key elements of its $300 billion global ecosystem including aeroengines, avionics, interiors, aerostructures, and systems. It also highlights how aircraft production, once confined to the US and Europe, is now truly a global industry with manufacturing and assembly sites all over the world.

AeroDynamic is already receiving high praise from aerospace executives. Current Bombardier President and CEO Alain Bellemare remarked, “AeroDynamic shines the light on many important and underappreciated events and forces that have shaped the commercial aerospace business, including the regional jet evolution, the significant contributions of engine and systems suppliers, and the importance of the aftermarket.”

“Michaels writes with the clear, tight prose you’d expect from someone who had to distill his many great insights on a complex industry into a single volume,” commented aerospace industry expert Richard Aboulafia. “This is a page-turner. If you’re in the aerospace industry, you should have this book on your shelf.”

AeroDynamic is currently available to purchase on the AIAA website or Amazon.

Dr. Kevin Michaels is the managing director and founder of AeroDynamic Advisory.

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