New LHT Repair Station for Mobile Engine Services Opens in Dublin, Ireland

Lufthansa Technik will expanded their worldwide network of specialized
repair stations for its Mobile Engine Services with a
fifth location. Located in the major center of the EMEA aircraft
leasing community and close to the company’s airline customers in the
British Isles, the new facility in Dublin will commence operations in
October. This doubles the number of European repair stations
for Lufthansa Technik’s smart surgical engine repair solutions. Lufthansa Technic says these solutions extend an engine’s time-on-wing and, during these times of
crisis, enable airlines to postpone or even avoid cash-intensive
major overhaul shop visits for their valuable assets.

The new facility will have five repair bays covering 600 square
meters of floor space and will employ more than 20 engine mechanics.
The availability of such highly skilled technicians, with more than
20 years of experience on average, was one of the critical factors in
choosing Dublin as a location. The new repair station will begin
operations with InFIELD and InSTATION services for the CFM56-5B
engines used in the Airbus A320ceo family and the CFM56-7B engines
powering the Boeing 737 Next Generation.

Presenting the opportunity to avoid or postpone major overhaul
events, Lufthansa Technik says their Mobile Engine Services comprise “a broad
portfolio of smart engine repair solutions.” These range from on-wing
and on-site services (inFIELD) performed by Airline Support Teams
(AST) directly at the customer’s location to surgical repair
solutions, derived from the customer’s required workscope and carried
out in a global network of five repair stations (InSTATION). In
addition to the new repair station in Dublin, these are located in
Montréal (Canada), Tulsa (Oklahoma/USA), Frankfurt (Germany), and
Shenzhen (China). Mobile Engine Services in the various locations
have already received authorizations from more than 40 international
airworthiness authorities.

“In these uncertain times, our goal is to support our customers’
control of their cost exposure to engine maintenance and to optimize
the operational life of their engines and engine components. This is
the smart solution in times of ‘cash is king’,” said Michael
Kirstein, vice president Engine Parts Repair and Mobile Engine
Services at Lufthansa Technik. “The new repair station deepens our
investment and belief in our network of Mobile Engine Services,
signaling Lufthansa Technik’s strong commitment to help our customers
through this unprecedented crisis.”

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