New Software for Cable Harness Testing

Wm-electronics has developed a new engineering software for cable harness test programming. The software supports aircraft manufacturers and MROs from ECAD diagrams to the final cable harness test program in all critical phases.

APG Studio has been developed around three loosely coupled modules: ECAD front-end, middleware and output driver. Customers benefit from this flexible design as they can order an interface for their ECAD, a driver for their cable harness tester and additionally new functions. APG Studio has applicable for harness test programs from a few dozen to tens of thousands of pins, said Dietmar Wendl, technical director, wm-electronics.

The developer has paid special attention to assist the avionics engineers in troubleshoooting. If pins marked as FAILED (shorted or not connected) in the tester’s error report, APG Studio helps the engineers to locate these nets and pins in the wiring diagram. A new Front-End for Zuken E3 series which is coming soon, makes it even possible to auto-located and highlight those nets, pins and components.

Both features can save many hours of work if a net is distributed over hundreds of pages. It is also possible to convert an existing harness test program back to a wiring diagram, in a format readable and editable by third party software like Zuken E3 series . A stand-alone version of APG Studio with only this feature is planned for the next release to support MROs that usually have no wiring diagram for trouble shooting, confirmed Dietmar Wendl.

APG Studio comes with a set of powerful functions and is not limited in any sort of capacity. The software
can be updated at any time to include options like Jumpers, PromptEditor, Insulate on NetGrouping, Analysis,
ParallelModule and TroubleshootingAssistant.

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