Nordic Aviation Capital Contracts FLYdocs to Digitize Fleet Records

FLYdocs, the aviation data and records management solution provider and global industry leader in managing the lease transfer of aircraft and assets, announced the successful completion of the digital document build and audit of 17 Dash 8 Q400 aircraft on behalf of Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC).

During 2017, NAC had 17 aircraft on lease to LGW, a German subsidiary of the Air Berlin Group. With rumours circulating in late 2017 of Air Berlin’s closure, NAC had an urgent requirement for a complete fleet digital records build and audit to facilitate the immediate re-marketing and leasing of their aircraft to another Operator, should the unfortunate need arise.

NAC began working with FLYdocs in September 2017. At the NAC site in Berlin, the FLYdocs technical team scanned and uploaded over 400 boxes of records. In just 17 days, a total of 1,134, 359 pages were scanned – representing a staggering 67,000 pages per day. Equally impressive is what followed – the complete build and audit of 2 aircraft per week.

“We were initially impressed by the technical capabilities of the FLYdocs platform and confident that FLYdocs had the global scale to fulfil such a time-critical programme. We contracted FLYdocs to manage the complete project from scanning to audit, and with the fleet already in transition to their new Operator, we have the FLYdocs team to thank for their hard work and expertise in challenging circumstances,” says Barry Keenaghan, AVP Transaction Asset Management at NAC.

“The future of no airline can be guaranteed, and therefore it is in every lessor’s best interest to have an up-to-date digital document build of their flights records as an insurance policy to minimize losses due to external factors beyond their control,” FLYdocs director of Global Sales, John Bowell, says. “At FLYdocs, we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients, and I commend our team who delivered exceptional results to ensure NAC’s timescales were met. We delivered on our promise, and importantly helped put NAC in a position to quickly re-market their fleet and safeguard revenues.”


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