NYCO Turbine Oil Qualified on GE90 Engines Powering Boeing B777

NYCO announced that General Electric recently approved Turbonycoil 600, a synthetic standard turbine oil, for use in General Electric GE90 engine which was specifically designed for the Boeing 777 aircraft. Its 115,000 lbs thrust version is the world’s most powerful turbofan engine. This qualification enables NYCO to increase its support for mixed fleet airlines.

“This qualification confirms NYCO’s growing position in the civil aviation market by allowing it to reach the majority of mixed fleet airlines worldwide,” said Guillaume Forestier, NYCO director – Aeronautics & Defence Division. “We strive to provide our customers the most advanced technologies and the most exhaustive range of products for all fleets.”

A service evaluation on a few GE90 engines following the manufacturer’s procedures was led in collaboration with Air France. Air France’s fleet includes 70 Boeing 777 and already uses Turbonycoil 600 on all its Airbus A320 & A340 aircraft.

“The success of the turbine oil evaluation on some of our Boeing 777 engines shows that the product meets all the GE9O’s operation requirements. This allows us to contemplate a smooth transition on the Boeing fleet comparable to the one experienced on the Airbus fleet. The relationship established between our companies, since the beginning of the project, leads us to believe in a long-term collaboration with NYCO,” says Didier Verté, Engine Fleets and Engineering vice president at Air France Industries.

Approved against demanding specifications, including SAE AS5780 SPC Class and MIL-PRF-23699 F STD Class, Turbonycoil 600 is approved by all major engine manufacturers (General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, Snecma, Turbomeca, CFMI, Klimov, Motor Sich, Aviadvigatel). It has logged more than 30 years of experience in jet engines of military and commercial aircraft.

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