OASES Announces Launch of Release 11: A Major Upgrade for OASES Users

Airworthiness MRO software provider OASES announced the launch of OASES Release 11, saying it marks a “significant update to its aviation software suite.” This latest version delivers new features and enhancements in functionality, security and user experience, tailored for airline operators, MROs and aircraft engineering firms.

The company says OASES Insights, a new feature in Release 11, transforms vast amounts of operational data into actionable intelligence. This analytics tool enables users to uncover patterns and trends, supporting data-driven decisions that can reduce downtime, cut costs and preempt issues for engineering teams and management alike. Designed for ease of use, its intuitive interface and robust dashboards make advanced data analysis accessible to all users.

Release 11 introduces integration technologies designed to enhance the connectivity between OASES and various software and services. These innovations provide quicker, more dependable and scalable integration solutions. With OASES Workflow, developing new integrations is significantly faster, giving customers enhanced flexibility in selecting complementary systems to use with the OASES platform. Additionally, the introduction of OASES Gateway, an API framework, allows third-party software vendors to securely and directly integrate with OASES. This increased integration flexibility means OASES users can more easily connect with other essential systems and processes in their daily operations, leading to time savings and a reduction in human error.

The updated Maintenance Control module offers a simplified, visual approach to planning maintenance activities, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime. This module allows users to manage work orders, assess materials, and plan resources effectively, ensuring a seamless integration with flight schedules.

With Release 11, OASES is now more convenient and secure, with browser-based support, multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSL/TLS encryption and a strengthened cybersecurity framework, for comprehensive threat protection.

The introduction of OASES Academy fosters a learning community among users, industry experts, and the OASES team. Members gain access to exclusive webinars, FAQs, and in-depth courses on OASES and the aviation industry, simplifying the training process for new employees and enhancing the skills of current staff.

“The Release 11 upgrade represents a significant step in our company’s journey,” said Paul Lynch, group managing director. “We’ve worked tirelessly with our customers to understand their needs and build an upgrade that adds significant enhancements to their daily operations.”

OASES will be showcasing Release 11 at two special customer events, being held in Dubai, 24th-25th April 2024 and Barcelona, 15th-16th May 2024.