OGMA Recognized by Rolls-Royce

OGMA received recognition by Rolls-Royce during an international initiative held in Indianapolis (USA). During the event, which brought together a limited set of Rolls-Royce certified maintenance companies, OGMA’s response over the past two years was recognized.

OGMA received two awards – “Operational Performance Award – Lowest Engine TAT in the Network” and “Quality Excellence Award – Lowest Quality Escapes in the Last Year” – that were delivered at “AE AMC Conference,” promoted by Rolls-Royce, which brings together the network of Authorized Maintenance Center of AE 2100D and AE 1107C engines in working sessions dedicated to analyze performance, opportunities for improvement and challenges for the future.

“These awards reflect our team’s commitment and dedication to attend more quickly and swiftly the challenges posed by Rolls-Royce over the past two years,” says Marco Tulio Pellegrini, president and CEO of OGMA. “We are happy to receive these distinctions in two consecutive years but we know that simultaneously it raises the requirement that we have to provide a service of excellence to our customers in a daily basis.”

According to Michael Greer, Depot Services Manager of Rolls-Royce AE & Helicopters, “OGMA has had great performance during the 2017/2018 year. We appreciate all of the hard work and support from the entire OGMA team and look forward to the continued partnership as an Authorized Maintenance Center.”

OGMA is an Authorized Rolls-Royce Service Center (AE2100 and AE3007) since 1997 and has just broadened its competence in the field of engines by becoming Authorized Maintenance Center for the AE 1107 engine.

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