PA100 PUREair Engine Protection System for the H125/AS350 and H130 Completes Falling/Blowing Snow Trials

The PA100 PUREair System is ready for in-flight missions in falling and blowing snow conditions after successfully completing falling and blowing snow flight testing. The PA100 is now fully approved by TCCA, FAA and ANAC with no operational limitations. The PA100 continuously removes falling and blowing snow and will not clog during flight. DART says harsh operating environments can now be faced head on with confidence and security, and snowy and severe conditions are no longer a hindrance.
DART and Pall Aerospace co-developed the PA100 PUREair engine protection system for the H125/ AS350 as well as the H130 helicopters and have been working on obtaining this important approval for the past year. Operators can now install the PA100 PUREair System in markets where the TCCA, FAA, and ANAC approval is recognized and falling and blowing snow clearance is needed. EASA STC approval is also expected imminently and will include the falling and blowing snow approval.
The PA100 PUREair System, is a totally redesigned, reengineered, and retested air filtration system that is virtually self-cleaning and maintenance free. This fourth generation PA100 PUREair system leverages the latest advances in Pall Aerospace technology, including 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics, optimized system design and innovative nano-material technologies to achieve optimal engine protection for harsh operating environments.

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