PinPoint to Demsontrate System at MRO

Aviation Pros Media Advisory – PinPoint™ Tool Control System Demo

When: March 25-26, 2014
Where: Booth 525 – Aviation Pros Live – Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas
Time: 11 a.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. (Both days)
What: Hands on demonstration of the PinPoint™ Tool Control System. Learn how this unique tool control system decreases FOD, increases efficiency and lowers costs. Find out why the PinPoint™ Tool Control System was designed by aerospace experts for aerospace experts. See why this is right for maintenance and flight operations throughout the aerospace and aviation communities. Get up close and view in-depth the features and benefits of four different models in the PinPoint™ line. AeroCREW™ – the perfect choice as a portable toolbox container on the flight line and for deployment on aircraft. AeroMASTER™ – a stand-alone tool cabinet designed for use in manufacturing, MRO and line maintenance operations where up to 600 tools are located at a workstation. AeroRACK ™– semi-stationary unit designed to hold larger items like test sets and kits. AeroVIEW™ – a portable or fixed point of use tooling cabinet designed to work with bench top work stations.
Who: Demonstrations given by Brian Montanari, Jeff Kretzmer and Travis Davidson. All are executives of HABCO, a company that is building on its well established test and ground support heritage to become an increasingly significant presence in asset management and “innogration” across aviation and defense business segments.

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