PPG Offering Samples of New PPG PRO-SEAL 815M Spray

PPG is offering customers advance samples of its new PPG PRO-SEAL 815M aerospace sealant spray that will be launched in March. The clear liquid is sprayed onto freshly applied polysulfide aerospace sealant to improve aesthetics and cut surface cure time to as little as two hours.

PPG Pro-Seal 815M spray, which comes ready to use in a non-aerosol recyclable pump bottle, is sprayed in a light mist onto wet sealant. The application-friendly spray helps break the surface tension of the wet sealant, allowing for easier smoothing and fairing to achieve final required dimensions and optimal appearance. It cures the surface of the sealant to a tack-free state in two to three hours at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) compared with the standard six to 40 or more hours required for untreated sealant to obtain the same condition.

According to Bill Keller, PPG global market segment manager, aerospace sealants, using PPG Pro-Seal 815M spray has the potential to reduce aircraft assembly times.

“I have never met a customer who was not actively looking for ways to speed up the sealing process of an aircraft, while also expecting the applied sealant to look perfect,” Keller said. “Virtually every aircraft requires application of sealant for environmental boundary isolation, from integral fuel tanks to the joints of the entire fuselage structure. The artisans who apply aerospace sealants commonly spend vast amounts of time tooling the sealant to meet dimensional and appearance specifications. To accelerate this process, they often use unapproved solvents that could be detrimental to the sealant’s performance and longevity. PPG Pro-Seal 815M spray is an easier-to-use product that meets our customers’ need for reduced aircraft sealing cycle time and improved appearance.”

Customers can request samples of PPG Pro-Seal 815M aerospace sealant spray through www.ppgaerospace.com/Contact/Email-Us.aspx.


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