PXIe Testing Duo Released by Astronics

Astronics Test Systems has developed a new PXIe-1802 Arbitrary Waveform Generator and a new PXIe-1803 Digitizer deliver for aerospace, defense, communications, and other high-reliability applications.

“The demand for high performance PXI test instruments continues to rise both as legacy test systems are upgraded with additional functionality, and as new systems are introduced,” explained Steve Fairbanks, senior director of Product Marketing for Astronics Test Systems.

The PXIe-1802 Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) is suitable for output frequencies of up to 125 MHz. With built-in waveforms, high signal quality, high density and modularity, the AWG delivers dual 14/16-bit waveform generator channels, bandwidths of 90-140 MHz, synchronization, and 250 μV measurement accuracy.

The PXIe-1803 is a 130/180 MS/s dual-channel digitizer is applicable for input frequencies up to 175 MHz. The company states that it delivers signal integrity, high density, and modularity. It  is a dual-channel 14/16-bit digitizer configurable as separate or fully synchronized channels. Other features include waveform bandwidths of 65-175 MHz (typical), 64M of waveform memory per channel, and relative accuracy of up to 0.006%.

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