QOCO Systems Launches Assignment – an MRO Solution Combining HR, Maintenance Planning, and Flight Ops Systems

QOCO Systems launched its latest innovation, MROTools.io – Assignment. Developed in collaboration with leading industry operators, QOCO says Assignment is a “modern, reliable and cost-efficient solution” that combines three separate modules currently used in maintenance planning – HR, maintenance, and flight ops systems – into one easy-to-use interface.

“Aircraft maintenance operations require simultaneous management of several complex processes. With Assignment, we wanted to make them significantly more manageable by combining all the necessary data and controls into one intuitive interface,” says Ilari Neitola, founder of QOCO Systems. “Instead of scrolling through spreadsheets for personnel availability information, jumping to the maintenance management system for the right plans and at the same time keeping an eye on flight data in case of delays, maintenance planners can access all relevant features with one tool.”

By automating several aspects of staff planning, Assignment reduces the workload of planners and eliminates the need for manual, repetitive tasks. The solution eliminates human error by minimizing manual intervention in the planning process, which can significantly improve the reliability of the planning process and ensure that all staff members are assigned tasks in a fair and efficient manner.

Assignment also accelerates decision-making and thereby enables planners to quickly respond to changes in staff availability, maintenance schedules, and flight operations. This can help airlines to increase fleet availability and reduce delays and downtime, improving overall cost-efficiency. In 2023, over 70% of flight delays in the U. S were caused by the aircraft arriving late or carrier-related issues such as staff shortages or maintenance. The costs of delays for airlines are estimated to reach billions of euros annually.

“When a flight is delayed, it may be necessary to replan staffing due to personnel availability,” Ilari Neitola explains. “If this is done inefficiently, with outdated methods and software resources, it can easily cause further delays, creating a domino effect. Every wasted minute is costly for flight operators. With Assignment, we aim to streamline aircraft maintenance operations so that they can reduce those delays instead of increasing them.”

MROTools.io – Assignment is available starting from March 19th, 2024.