Join Rapita Systems, ConsuNova, and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Rapita Systems

Join Rapita Systems, ConsuNova, and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center for a day of Certifying Multicore Timing Analysis for DO-178C Projects training on the 16th April at the Sofia Hotel, Barcelona.

This practical workshop will provide an insight into considerations when producing evidence for the timing behavior of multicore systems for DO-178C certification.
You’ll learn the following from leading experts in multicore certification and critical software verification:

Certifying multicore timing for DO-178C. With the increased adoption of multicore systems in critical aerospace projects, you’ll learn the challenges involved with certifying the timing behavior of these systems for DO-178C and how these challenges can be overcome using cutting-edge V&V solutions.

Complying with CAST-32A guidance. You’ll learn how to interpret CAST-32A guidance and produce the work products specified in CAST-32A.

Accounting for shared resources & interference. Shared resources in multicore systems can have a huge impact on the execution time of a task, making timing behavior non-deterministic. You’ll learn how to account for these resources in a way that is compliant with DO-178C and CAST-32A.

Attendees will benefit from training from some of the world’s leading authorities on critical software verification and multicore research. As the course is strictly limited to 30 places, you’ll get the opportunity to engage with the trainers on a personal basis and examine the challenges or questions you may have on timing analysis for multicore systems.
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