Rolls-Royce RR300 Engine Tops One Million Flight Hours in Robinson R66

The Rolls-Royce RR300 engine has moved past the one million flight hour milestone in a Robinson R66 helicopter.

The R66 and the RR300 engine were jointly announced in 2007 by the iconic Frank Robinson and Rolls-Royce, and the helicopter was certified into service in 2010. Since that time, Robinson’s first gas-turbine powered helicopter has proven itself in dependable service around the world, with a growing fleet of nearly 1,000 helicopters delivered.

“We congratulate Robinson Helicopter for this outstanding record of service – one million flight hours is a significant milestone and reflects the exceptional design and reliability of the R66,” Paul Matthews, Rolls-Royce, senior vice president – Sales, says. “Rolls-Royce is proud to have partnered with Frank Robinson, and now, his son, Kurt, on the R66 helicopter for more than a decade.”

Kurt Robinson, president of Robinson Helicopter, said, “We believe this milestone is a testament to the R66’s outstanding performance and confirms its place as a leader in the helicopter industry.”

The Rolls-Royce RR300 was developed as a derivative of the M250 turboshaft engine – that already had decades of service. The RR300 is a compact, powerful and fuel efficient engine, which has proven to be reliable in service – around the world in circumnavigation flights, and to the North Pole.

R66 operators are supported by the Rolls-Royce RR300 FIRST network, a global, authorized system providing outstanding service. The Rolls-Royce FIRST (Fully Integrated Rolls-Royce Support Team) network provides affordable, reliable support solutions. The FIRST network includes more than 30 approved, licensed service centers and Aviall locations around the world, and its competitive structure means operators can find affordable and reliable service anywhere for Rolls-Royce M250 or RR300 engines. Aviall Inc. is a key part of the FIRST network and is the global authorized distributor for Rolls-Royce M250/RR300 engines, parts, modules and tooling.

The RR300 is manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana, where a $600 million Rolls-Royce investment in modernization and technology programs is nearing completion, including state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing.

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