Rugged Form Factor Cards from Abaco

Abaco Systems has produced an R15-MPCIE MIL-STD-1553 Mini PCI Express card and RAR-MPCIE ARINC 429 Mini PCI Express card featuring hard tie screw-in high retention rugged connectors. They are suitable for harsh environments in which shock and vibration can create reliability challenges. Both units are also very small (30mm x 50.95 mm x 4.7mm) and lightweight for applications deployed in highly-constrained platforms where SWaP (size, weight and power) need to be minimized.

The R15-MPCIE supports two dual redundant channels while the RAR-MPCIE features eight receive and four transmit channels. It can be configured to include one receive and one transmit ARINC 717 channel.

Both products are designed for those working in avionics test and simulation for field test and support. The Mini PCI Express form factor and small size and weight also make the R15-MPCIE and RAR-MPCIE ideal for designers of portable devices, such as tablets and hand-held test and measurement solutions or in very small form factor mission critical systems.

The API (application programming interface) for the two new products is consistent with existing Abaco avionics products and allow for the re-use of existing code for faster development, qualification and deployment.

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