RwandAir Goes Live with eMRO

RwandAir selected the TRAX eMRO system in October of 2020 as part of its efforts to enhance its efficiency, lower its costs, and expand its operations. The airline saw an opportunity to replace its legacy system with a fully integrated technologically advanced web-based MRO software product. TRAX congratulates the RwandAir team for successfully implementing eMRO – and even more so for accomplishing this goal amidst a turbulent year for aviation.

The TRAX eMRO product enables communication and data flow between the various facets of the operation using leading edge technology. The airline anticipates that real time data means reduced turnaround times and increased time to report and repair issues. TRAX says this gives users the benefit of being able to stay connected to their key aircraft maintenance management data from anywhere using the device-agnostic eMRO solution. Their users can rapidly find spare parts/tools and electronically sign off tasks at any location, such as from the hangar or when carrying out crucial time sensitive line repairs.

TRAX says eMRO is an application designed to cater to every aspect of aircraft maintenance and fleet management. Deployed via any web browser, this technology lets users stay connected no matter where they are. Through this application, maintenance operations can be managed from a desktop or remotely from a phone or tablet. eMRO is a fully integrated product which allows complete information flow between the modules throughout the system. The software provides the means to manage and maintain all information generated by a maintenance organization. TRAX says this solution “gives operations the accessibility that maximizes productivity.”

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