Safran and Lufthansa Technik Sign MRO Partnership Agreement for A380 Landing Gear  

Safran Landing Systems and Lufthansa Technik AG have signed a
long-term contract on A380 landing gear services.  The two companies will combine their respective areas of A380 landing gear MRO expertise at their Singapore (Safran Landing Systems) and London (Lufthansa Technik) facilities to deliver optimized solutions that cover all aspects of the so-called superjumbo jet’s landing
This extensive asset and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul)
partnership will provide airlines with a single point of contact
throughout the whole commercial and industrial chain, thus a
comprehensive A380 landing gear support. Airlines will be free to
send their complete set of landing gear to one of the partners, thus
avoiding complex processes.
“We are proud to team up with Lufthansa Technik to
offer our customers the best solutions in terms of competitiveness
and logistics,” Bruno Chiarelli, Safran Landing Systems executive vice president, MRO

Division, says. “They will benefit from the combined expertise of an
OEM/MRO and a “nose to tail” MRO service provider, both world-class
in their field.”
Sandra Eckstein, Vice President of Aircraft Systems at Lufthansa
Technik, added: “This far-reaching partnership with Safran Landing
Systems enables us to offer a complete MRO landing gear service
portfolio for the A380. Our customers will benefit from their
combined expertise, with Lufthansa Technik also contributing our
comprehensive A380 main landing gear support capabilities.”

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