Satcom Direct Expands Data Center to Support Growing Cyber Security Client Base

Satcom Direct has broken ground on phase two of SD Data Center expansion plans. The Bravo phase will double the existing Alpha phase’s 5,000 square feet at the Melbourne, Florida headquarters. On completion, at the end of December this year, the company says the Bravo project will add capacity for a further 120+ server cabinets providing secure data storage for aviation and terrestrial clients of all sizes.

As with the Alpha construction, which saw the first and only data center purpose built for the international business aviation community, the Bravo phase will match the category five hurricane proof construction and adhere to the same high compliance standards already in place. The $3 million investment is being made in response to the sector’s growing recognition of the need to mitigate the risk of cyber-attack during flight.

SD says it currently has more than four hundred business aviation customers subscribing to its cyber security services. They offer tailored solutions working with customers including those representing the military and government sectors.  The SD Data Center enables the creation of private networks for clients when connected to SD hardware, software and satellite connectivity. Through the infrastructure available via the SD Data Center, existing compliance and security protocols can be applied to the aircraft network like any other corporate location. The company says Phase three, Charlie, which is currently in the planning stage, will support further customized solutions for aviation clients.

“Business aviation customers expect robust, reliable, secure connectivity to be available throughout flight. Our mission is to deliver the best user experience possible and maintain data integrity. As cyber-attacks on business aviation increase, we are responding by enhancing our ability to monitor and manage these threats by keeping data transfer safe through the SD Data Center. Our next phase of expansion increases our capacity to support more customers recognizing the need to implement the correct protocols to stay safe at altitude,” says Chris Moore, SD CCO, about the expansion.


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