Soloy Mk II Turbine Conversion In Demand

Soloy Aviation Solutions says it is seeing increased sales demand for its FAA certified Mk II turbine 206 conversion. “We are seeing increased activity both in sales and inquiries for our latest variant of Soloy’s turbine engine conversion to the Cessna 206 airframe, the Mark II. We continue to be cautiously optimistic that the economy is improving,” Dave Stauffer, Soloy’s CEO says. “But we are also realizing benefits globally due to the price and availability of 100LL fuel and the pressure that it is putting on both recreational and business users of piston powered aircraft. Our Mk II conversion creates what many have discovered is the world’s premier single engine turboprop from the standpoint of overall utility, efficiency and performance.” Soloy recently delivered its 85th turbine conversion to the missionary operator JAARS in April 2011. It will be operated in Cameroon, Africa.

This spring Soloy has taken orders on two additional Mk II aircraft: an Mk II 206 scheduled for delivery to a French based skydiving club; and another 206 that will be placed on amphibious floats domestically in the United States. The Soloy Mk II was given FAA certification late in 2008 and is the second variant of the 206 Soloy conversion, following the introduction of the Mk I in 1984. The Mk II features a 450hp Rolls Royce 250-B17. Soloy also provides state of art flight instrumentation and a Garmin G500 avionics to its Mk II package. MORE ONLINE

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