SR Technics Launches Quick Turn Line

SR Technics has launched a “Quick Turn Line” (QTL) on September 1, 2020. Besides covering quick turn services (hospital shop repairs and post-lease inspections), the new line also covers engine change and loan tooling. SR Technics says in addition to significant savings and minimal turnaround times, customers will benefit from the full engine shop capability. With QTL services, the company says customers can obtain faster unscheduled engine maintenance while optimizing their fleets’ readiness, reducing operating costs and reliably avoiding heavy and time-consuming engine repairs.

Engine repair services offered on the QTL include the CFM International CFM56- 5B, 5C and 7B, and the Pratt & Whitney PW4000-94 and PW4000-100. The independent set up enables a quick response throughout the entire event process. The QTL is largely independent in terms of manpower and equipment, and a single team manages each project from request for proposal to invoicing, providing dedicated support to each customer. Finally, the engineering experience of SR Technics’ repair professionals draws on thousands of shop visits, which allows precise work scoping for targeted damage rectification.

In the future, the QTL will continue to evolve with the support of a partner network and its capabilities, and the portfolio of engines covered by the QTL will continue to expand, SR Technics says. Finally, they say their marketing and sales teams will work to adapt the expansion to market demand.

“By establishing the Quick Turn Line, we have developed SR Technics’ product portfolio into a one-shop solution,” Caroline Vandedrinck, senior vice president, sales at SR Technics, says. “For our customers this means cost savings and competitive turnaround times.”

Owen McClave, senior vice president engine services at SR Technics, adds: “Besides investing in physical infrastructure and tooling, SR Technics has formed an independent team that can respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs.”

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