Summit Aviation Installs Garmin G500H TXi on MD 520

Summit Aviation has been awarded the Supplemental Type Certificate for the installation of Garmin’s G500H TXi Flight Display System on MDHI 500N series aircraft.

The latest in electronic glass cockpit instrumentation, Garmin says the G500H TXi brings increased levels of reliability, adaptability and affordability to helicopter operations. Available in both portrait and landscape options, the system provides crisp touch-screen displays. It allows for the use of familiar knobs and/or touch-screen inputs to quickly access the functions, screen views and other flight information the pilot wants to see most prominently.

Summit recently installed the G500H TXi display system on two of Maryland’s Prince George’s County Police Department’s MD 520N Helicopters.

“We are excited to continue in our support of aviation law enforcement,” says director of Sales and Marketing for Summit Aviation John Gonsalves. “The Garmin G500H TXi Flight Display System is a game changer for the critical services our customers provide every day.”

The G500H TXi is equipped with a five-color Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System1 (HTAWS), WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology and Garmin HSVT 3-D synthetic vision. The G500H TXi also features multiple video input options, night vision goggle (NVG) compatibility and a graphical map overlay within the horizontal situation indicator (HSI) for most display formats.


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