The Boeing Company Approves the BLRT from MK Test Systems for Loop and Joint Testing

The Bond Loop and Joint Resistance Tester (BLRT) from MK Test Systems has achieved a new milestone from The Boeing Company, and is now approved to conduct loop resistance measurement tests on unfuelled aircraft.

A service letter released by Boeing on 29th May 2019 confirms that the BLRT may be now used as a replacement for the legacy Loop Resistance Testers (LRT) in both production and maintenance tasks on all production Boeing commercial aircraft. The service letter is visible on MyBoeingFleet portal for all MROs to view.

The service letter notes that “Boeing has independently verified MK Test Systems BLRT for use in verifying the functionality of lightning and HIRF protection features. Through laboratory and airplane testing, The Boeing Company has verified that loop and joint measurements are as accurate or more accurate as compared to the LRT on the same wire harness.”

Carl Bullock, MD of MK Test Systems, commented “The approval confirms Boeing’s confidence in the BLRT. We’re proud to have developed in partnership with The Boeing Company a product which makes electrical testing easier and quicker for OEMs and MROs all around the world.”

The BLRT is a lightweight comprehensive measurement tool that provides fully automated data collection capabilities on the integrated computer. The system is capable of guiding users through complete test sequences using graphic and textual user prompts for test set up and measurement. Measured values and Pass or Fail status is immediately reported, results can be automatically recorded to customer network resources. These enhancements allow users to improve two-man jobs to single-person assignments that can be completed more accurately with as much as 80 percent improvement in overall labor content.

Demand for the BLRT is expected to grow following The Boeing Company approval – with a quantity of systems in stock for rapid delivery and with a new production leadtime of just four weeks, MK Test Systems is prepared for a large uplift in orders.

About MK Test Systems: MK Test Systems have been a world-leading manufacturer of automatic electrical harness testing systems since 1991. Our systems are widely used within the aerospace, rail, defense, subsea, power and control industries worldwide to ensure high performance electrical systems are correctly wired and undamaged.

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