Thomas Global Receives FAA STC for EFIS Upgrade

Thomas Global Systems has received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its TFD-8601 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) upgrade on Embraer EMB 120 aircraft. The STC was achieved as part of a collaborative effort with leading EMB 120 operator Ameriflight, and is available now through Thomas Global and Thomas Global authorized dealers. The Company has entered into a multi-year Preferred Supplier Agreement with Ameriflight covering these products.
The TFD-8601 display is a pioneering plug-and-play, Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) replacement for legacy cathode ray tube (CRT) displays. Incorporating a high-performance, high- resolution AMLCD, the TFD-8601 provides improved reliability and reduced costs compared to legacy CRT displays, with lower weight, less heat and reduced power consumption. The product retains the use of all existing cockpit systems and makes provision for additional functionality to be included to suit current and evolving mandates, technology and operator requirements. The upgrade can be completed quickly with no changes to existing cockpit panels or wiring, and no crew retraining or changes to flight simulators – minimizing disruption to aircraft operations.
“Thomas Global’s TFD-8000 family of AMLCD displays has been developed based on operator requirements for a cost effective, practical solution to aging CRT issues,” said Andrew Hutchinson, vice president of Business Development, Thomas Global. “The TFD- 8601 eliminates the issue of CRT obsolescence risk, helps drive down maintenance costs and allows operators to avoid expensive full cockpit retrofits – without compromising capability or compliance. The TFD- 8601 displays are increasingly recognized as the obvious choice for long term sustainment of regional and business aircraft cockpits.”
“We’re excited to be flying this upgrade for EMB 120 flight decks,” said Brian Randow, CEO, Ameriflight. “Having reviewed the options to manage CRT display obsolescence and long term EMB 120 cockpit sustainment, we concluded the TFD-8601 was the practical solution — and importantly will lead to more reliable and more efficient operations. We look forward to flying our EMB 120s with these new displays well into the future.”
The TFD-8601 AMLCD display was developed in partnership with Regional Express, one of the world’s leading regional airlines and the world’s largest operator of Saab 340 aircraft. The display was designed with specific objectives to be cost effective, truly plug-and-play and with very high standards of fidelity to the existing CRT display. Thomas Global is now leveraging its Adaptive Display Architecture 2.0 technology embedded in the TFD-8601 to address CRT obsolescence in an increasing range of narrow and wide bodied aircraft.

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