Introducing the Threadless Nyloc Nut

Introducing the new and innovative Threadless Nyloc Nut, trademarked Vee Nut, a design never seen before. The Threadless Nyloc Nut has a number of spectacular advantages not available with any existing fastening hardware. As shown, a nylon insert is provided with hole diameters to accommodate any standard size bolt.

In this unique design, as shown above, the nylon insert is not threaded, which is a cost savings. One size nut can handle coarse or fine-metric, SAE, UNF, BSW or any other type threads for a specific bolt diameter. This reduces the inventory requirements for your hardware.

There is no chance of damaging the lead thread on the bolt as it is threaded into the nut. The nylon protects the bolt from physical damage.

The loosening torque on the Threadless Nyloc Nut is many times that of standard hardware available today. Up to 300% higher. Loosening during service with the Threadless Nyloc Nut is much safer as can be seen from the graph shown below.

This graph presents data from tests of an M14 Threadless Nyloc Nut compared to both an M14x1.5 plain nut and a M14x1.5 standard Nyloc nut, all using M14x1.5 bolts.

When compared to standard steel hardware or even the available nylok designs, safety advantages are immediately evident. Even after many uses, the Threadless Nyloc Nut provides three times the loosening torque as other hardware.

Another advantage is that each size of Threadless Nyloc Nut can easily be designed for any specific torque requirement. The height of the Threadless Nyloc Nut is increased to provide additional torque for meeting any special design conditions.

In summary, this new and innovative Threadless Nyloc Nut provides for:

Economy in manufacturing Safety in application Minimizes inventory Protects bolt threads Design Flexibility

The Threadless Nyloc Nut has a Utility Patent issued with another pending. Also, the Threadless Nyloc Nut has International Patent Protection, and 153 countries currently recognize the Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT).

For more information, contact:

David A. Fussell, co-inventor and managing partner.

404-915-7975 USA

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