Turkish Technic Tested the Base Maintenance Hangars’ Fire Extinguishing Systems

Turkish Technic is installing the cutting-edge safety precautions to its base maintenance hangars. As the biggest maintenance and repair brand of its region, Turkish Technic tested the new fire extinguishing systems in the main maintenance hangars of Istanbul Airport. Turkish Technic’s Ahmet Karaman, general manager and Abdülkerim Çay, chief human resources officer were in attendance during the testing.

The main and most visible feature of the Turkish Technic maintenance hangars in Istanbul Airport is their safety systems. Inside the hangar, there are five 3500gpm fire pumps, 1938 cubic meters of firefighting water storage and 89 foam generators. During a potential emergency, pressurized sprinklers with foam are activated automatically via sensors, providing remote firefighting at a moment’s notice to protect the health of the workers on site while bringing the fire under control in a short period.

With the flights resuming in Istanbul Airport, the new center of Turkish Airlines and the aviation industry, Turkish Technic provides its services to its national and international customers in its line maintenance hangars and it will possess the region’s biggest MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) facility after the completion of all base aircraft maintenance hangars in construction.

Turkish Technic provides line maintenance support at IATA standards to 100 airlines 24/7 in 365 days of the year with its 23 stations in Turkey and 44 stations around the world. As one of the world’s biggest MRO centers, Turkish Technic provides A, B, C and D maintenance of all aircraft and contributes to the significance and reliability of Turkey in the grand scheme of global aviation with its approximately 600,000 sq m indoor space on two continents, nine hangars, its international maintenance certificates (EASA, FAA), cutting edge equipment and over 7500 technical workers specialized in their fields.

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