U.S. Trade Envoy Bringing High-Tech Tools to India

CAD / CAM Services – an industry leading computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering firm with expertise in 3D scanning, modeling, and conversions – has been selected to take part in the U.S. envoy headed to India in an attempt to lend expertise to the rapidly growing civil aviation market in South Asia.

CAD / CAM Services, who is currently partnering with Lockheed Martin on a drone and robotic-based metrology system for the F-35 lightening, was selected as the only CAD company to accompany the group on the trade mission.

India is currently the third largest global market for civil aviation measured by passenger numbers, trailing only China and the United States. Over the next decade, Boeing is predicting the country’s aviation industry will require an additional 2,500 passenger aircraft and by 2035, it is expected that the industry will support 19.1 million jobs and contribute $172 billion to the country’s GDP. However, in order to meet those forecasts, the country is in urgent need of assistance from a number of industries, especially those in high-tech.

The envoy will depart in mid-September for the 5-day mission which will include: briefings with the Indian government’s Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA); site visits to MROs, airports, etc.; and one-on-one meetings with potential partners.

As one of the few CAD engineering firms in the world certified for high precision conversions by both the aerospace industry and the Department of Defense, CAD / CAM routinely offers in-depth inspection programs designed to provide OEMs with extremely accurate CAD files. This ensures that all CAD drawings and models match the original specifications and are capable of producing parts and assemblies that meet all design requirements.

CAD / CAM Services is well-known for its CAD Perfect conversions, and its engineers are capable of converting any CAD format file into any other CAD system. Its highly experienced CAD engineers can also make the model (or drawing) compliant with any internal aerospace standard.

With its 3D scanning and reverse engineering expertise, CAD / CAM Services is capable of creating replacement parts for both new and older aircraft to further assist aerospace suppliers. CAD / CAM models include full assemblies that are accurate to ±.002” over any X, Y, & Z axis.