Ultramain Nabs Software Agreement with Boeing

Ultramain Systems (USI) and Boeing have signed a Software Development License Agreement that will allow USI to build, test, and deploy software targeted for the Boeing EFB platform. This includes all ULTRAMAIN Onboard Systems airborne software, including efbTechLogs and eReporting. efbTechLogs was the first-ever connected electronic technical log to receive approval by an aviation regulatory authority for use by a commercial airline to entirely replace the aircraft paper technical log. The software was first implemented in 2008 onboard a fleet of Boeing 777-300ERs and has been in operation ever since. This new agreement between Ultramain Systems and Boeing creates a relationship between the two companies that removes the need for mutual customer involvement. “This agreement not only increases direct communication and joint cooperation between Boeing and USI,” said Mark McCausland, USI President, “but imposes integrated testing requirements, and allows USI direct access to Boeing’s testing facilities. The end goal is improved experience in the deployment and use of Ultramain Onboard Systems products for our common customers.” efbTechLogs operates on Class 1, 2, or 3 Electronic Flight Bag Systems (EFB). The software communicates with ULTRAMAIN efbGroundSystem, which outputs ATA Spec 2000 Chapter 17-compliant data for out-of-box integration with an airline’s existing M&E systems. MORE ONLINE

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