Upskill Unveils Skylight for Microsoft HoloLens to Unlock Mixed Reality Experiences

Upskill, a maker of enterprise augmented reality (AR) software, has announced Skylight for Microsoft HoloLens is available for public early access in the U.S. Upskill says companies can now take advantage of mixed reality experiences on the same Skylight AR software platform that also supports assisted reality and mobile devices, at no additional cost.

Certain use cases for AR call for more immersive digital interaction that provides users with a large canvas to visualize the necessary information to complete their work. Skylight for HoloLens delivers this mixed reality experience, which is particularly relevant for hands-on workers completing complex tasks in manufacturing, maintenance and repair, as well as for on-the-job training.

Using Skylight for HoloLens, hands-on workers gain immediate access to:

  • Spatial Content Placement: Place, move and resize digital content in the real world and reference while completing work completely hands-free.
  • Multi-window Viewing: Simultaneously visualize, resize, interact with and cross-reference numerous sources of content in one, large screen.
  • Native Content Integration: Access and display original reference materials, such as work instructions and engineering drawings in PDF format, instantly and without the need to reauthor content—a key advantage for enterprise customers.
  • Natural User Interaction: Use simple hand gestures or head gaze to directly navigate applications, interact with content and reposition information within a workspace.

All of the features available with Skylight, including enterprise scalability, security and the ability to seamlessly integrate with virtually any system or database, can be leveraged across multiple device types, including smart glasses and mixed reality headsets, such as HoloLens.

“Our customers see augmented reality as the force multiplier that allows them to fully realize the potential of their workforce and digital investments,” said Brian Ballard, Upskill CEO and co-founder. “Skylight for Microsoft HoloLens will serve as the foundation that delivers the latest advances in visualization, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in a mixed reality environment.”

Terry Farrell, Director of Product Marketing, Mixed Reality, Microsoft Corp. said, “As adoption of Microsoft HoloLens continues to rapidly increase in industrial settings, Skylight offers a software platform that is flexible and can scale to meet any number of applications well suited for mixed reality experiences. With Skylight for HoloLens, hands-on workers are provided with the ability to interact with content and information in the most natural ways possible, leading to a safer, more efficient workplace.”

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