WaPo Reports on 777/PW4000 Issue – AVM Columnist Guzzetti Quoted

The Washington Post reports that “multiple potential cracks near the spot where a fan blade broke off” have been found during the investigation of the United Flight 328 B777/PW4000 inflight engine failure. The Post says this information “adds to questions on the pace and effectiveness of inspections on such blades and whether potential indications of cracks were missed.”

Aviation Maintenance columnist and safety expert Jeff Guzzetti is quoted in the article: “The bottom line is the NTSB is looking into all the potential ways in which a crack goes undetected, and that’s good,” said Jeff Guzzetti, former director of the Federal Aviation Administration’s accident investigation division. “This may lead to another type of inspection or a change in the frequency of inspections.”

Read the full Washington Post article here.




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