West Star Aviation Completes First Falcon 7X C-Inspection

West Star Aviation recently completed its first Falcon 7XC- inspection at its East Alton, IL, facility. In addition to the Falcon 7X C-inspection, which is the most comprehensive inspection for potential major maintenance for the Falcon 7X aircraft, West Star also performed a complete paint and interior transformation in addition to a Honeywell Ovation cabin avionics upgrade.

“We are pleased to continue to offer one-stop capabilities to our Falcon customers at all of our facilities,” said Eric Kujawa, vice president, Falcon Product Development, West Star Aviation. “This is the first C-inspection West Star has completed on a Falcon 7X, so this is a milestone for the company and East Alton. We look forward to continuing to expand our Falcon capabilities at all four of our state-of-the-art facilities,” Kujawa continued.


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