WOW Air Selects Airbus FHS-Components Service

WOW Air selected Airbus’ Flight Hour Services (FHS) Components services for its A320 and A330 fleets, covering 20 aircraft and becoming one of the first A330 customers in Europe to enlist Airbus FHS.

The agreement with WOW encompasses CEO and NEO variants of both aircraft families for its fleet, and also includes Airbus’ Skywise and Digital consulting services. Airbus will handle component services including: pooling, on-site stock at main base and repairs. Airbus will also set-up an extensive on-site stock in Iceland at WOW’s facilities.

WOW selected Airbus FHS for its wide range of services and digital solutions portfolio, and will also benefit from Airbus’ FHS global network and capabilities both in the Americas and Asia to secure its global operations. WOW will take advantage of one single interface to manage its whole fleet and components support operations. Furthermore, the FHS service will be ‘powered by Skywise’ – Airbus’ open data platform – helping WOW to enhance its digital capabilities.

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