PCB Releases Charge Accelerometers

PCB Piezotronics released  Models 357A94 and 357A95, two extreme temperature (1200 °F/649 °C), differential output, charge accelerometers with a UHT-12 sensing element and integral hardline cable terminating in a 7/16-27 2-pin connector. Model 357A94 has an axis of measurement parallel to the direction of the mounting screw while Model 357A95 has an axis of measurement perpendicular to the direction of the mounting screw. These sensors have been developed for use in aviation/power generation turbine research & development applications.

The new UHT-12 crystal technology features:

  • Proprietary crystal technology sealed in a hermetic package, providing long-term reliability
  • No pyroelectric output, ensuring accurate low-frequency measurements
  • Reduced thermal noise spikes, eliminating false alarms during monitoring
  • More consistent sensitivity over a wide temperature range, providing greater accuracy
  • Shear mode crystals prevent base strain and transverse measurement errors

PCB Piezotronics offers various charge amplifiers to support the launch of these new accelerometers, including Models 422M182 and EX682A40.


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