Aviation Data Solutions Launches Software Solutions for Bizav Operators and Handling Agents

Aviation Data Solutions (ADS) led by founder and Managing Director Adrian Parsons, is launching its Airport Pricing Calculator (APC) and Handling Pricing Manager (HPM) platforms on 14 December.

Following nearly three years of development, both platforms are currently undergoing beta testing with a select group of bizav operators and handling agents in the UK and Europe before going live.

APC: the missing piece of the charter sales puzzle

ADS’ Airport Pricing Calculator is the first publicly available combined airport and handling cost calculation system, enabling operators to instantly calculate the cost of any aircraft in its fleet to visit any airport on any itinerary with any combination of services.

The concept for APC was born from Adrian’s personal experience working in charter sales at one of Europe’s largest business aviation operators.  During his time there he regularly experienced significant issues and inaccuracies resulting from a lack of accessible and structured airport and handling pricing data.

“I knew what a game-changer it would be for operators to quickly and easily incorporate actual airport and handling charges into charter quotes.” said Adrian, highlighting what was the catalyst for APC.   “I decided to combine my past experience in software development and my business aviation domain knowledge to take on this challenge, and we are very proud of how it all came together.”

Currently APC boasts pricing data coverage for more than 700 airports and over 350 handling agent stations, with more than 915 unique methods of charging for over 220 services at these locations.

In addition, ADS has built a comprehensive aircraft and engine dataset covering all business aviation types from single-engine turboprops up to the Embraer Lineage 1000.

Aircraft types are broken down into variants, which includes key data on weight, noise and emissions metrics.  “This is key to accurate cost calculation,” says Adrian, who also flies an Eclipse 500.

HPM: a free security, handling booking system and efficiency tool
In creating this new platform the biggest challenge ADS has faced is gaining the trust of handling agents. “It is imperative they feel comfortable disclosing their price lists to us, which is completely understandable due to the highly sensitive nature of this data” says Adrian.

ADS tackled this concern with the introduction of the HPM platform, a free tool primarily designed to enable handling agents to host and control access to their pricing data for use in the APC platform whilst employing multi-layered security measures to ensure the highest standard of GDPR-compliant data protection.

In addition to its primary function as a gatekeeper, HPM is designed to bring other benefits to users at no cost, such as increased efficiencies through reduced inquiries that require manual processing, increased brand awareness through the promotion of handling stations on the APC platform.

Importantly, it works in conjunction with and complements the handler agent’s existing operations software infrastructure as a booking system to pass confirmed handling bookings made through the APC platform, providing further efficiency gains.

The ADS team have been securing the participation of key handling agent brands prior to the launch of the service, with notable names including OMNI Handling, United Aviation, German Aviation Service and Swissport Executive Aviation.

“We are finding Aviation Data Solutions’ Handling Pricing Manager to be a simple and user-friendly platform that efficiently facilitates a handling request submission together with the pricing information for the client,” Ricardo Pereira, CEO, Omni Handling (Portugal) comments. “The principle is to seek a reduced workload and increased handling bookings, with new customers. OMNI Handling is proud to be on board in this project since its inception and we are cooperating closely with Managing Director Adrian Parsons and the ADS team.”

Colin Gordon, commercial director, Global Trek Aviation says: “We are very pleased to be on board with ADS and from what our team has seen so far, we have every faith in the platform to do its job.  While we are not a powerhouse FBO Group, The Global Trek Aviation group, runs two fantastic, independent, busy UK FBO’s at Belfast International Airport, (EGAA), (Northern Ireland FBO of the year 2019) and Cardiff International Airport, Wales (EGFF). Our high-quality service levels are the same, whether customers arrive in a Cessna 172 or a Gulfstream G650.  We have always adhered to a fully transparent operations model – no hidden fees, out of hour fees or call-out fees, which has lauded us with positive feedback from our customers.  Working with ADS, I’m convinced we’ll see more traffic bookings coming in with us, through the platform.”

“Our USP is to make it as simple as we can while collecting the required data,” adds Simon Jones, a former UAS and Signature Flight Support executive, who is leading Aviation Data Solutions’ business development.

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