A Revolution in Defect Measurement for MRO – Portable, Rapid and Accurate

Spectrum Metrology has launched a new, handheld gauging system into the UK for rapid micro-defect/corrosion analysis directly on the shopfloor. The 4D INSPEC inspection gauge is a completely new method of reliably measuring micro-defects in 3D such as scratches nicks, pits, protrusions, radius of curvature of grooves, spheres and shafts – even rivet geometry.

Since its release in 2017 the 4D InSpec has been adopted by the worlds leading airlines and MRO facilities, as well as by inspectors in turbines, heavy equipment, automotive components, medical devices and many other fields.

Traditionally measurement of surface defects on the shopfloor has been a choice between a subjective visual check or a time-consuming lab inspection. Using a patented camera technique for optimum stability, the 4D Inspec is completely portable, allowing you to measure quickly and easily, directly on the shop floor without the need for time-consuming replicas or dismantling of large parts.

Spectrum says the 4D Inspec “reduces scrap, greatly decreases inspection cycle times and improves reporting – giving far more insight into surface condition than ever before.”

The 4D INSPEC takes the guess work out of 3D micro-measurement, quantifying pits, scratches, nicks, dents, bumps, porosity and corrosion on parts with complex geometries such as turbine blade sections (without the need for replication), engine components and drivetrain components. The system identifies features from 5µm-2mm deep over a field of view of 8x8mm (10µm-9mm over 15x15mm with the XL model).

Designed and manufactured by U. S. company 4D Technology, the 4D InSpec is distributed in the UK by Spectrum Metrology.

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