Robot Shot Peening Cell from FerroECOBlast Europe for Aviation Industry

The FerroECOBlast ASP1200 ECO automatic robotized peening cell was designed and built for a customer in Asia, who uses it during the service procedure for shot peening aircraft landing gears. The cell satisfies and even exceeds the demanding requirements of various SAE/AMS standards and requirements in aviation industries, which is facilitated by advanced, computer-based systems.advanced, computer-based systems. In shot peening, it is important that the cell provides a repeatable process, i.e., peening the same places from the same distance, with the same speed of nozzle movement, the same pressure, and the same flow of the abrasive.

A very important additional factor in the whole system is purification, the elimination of inadequate peening material. It is important that there is no waste in the medium, and that the peening beads are not damaged or broken, which is enabled by the use of various components in the recycling tower, such as different vibration screens, magnetic separators, and spiral separators. Using a spiral separator, we have ensured the separation of damaged or broken beads from the steel beads with correct shapes. With the use of magnetic separators, we can ensure the expulsion of metal inclusions in non-magnetic media (glass beads). By integrating the automatic dosing system, it ensures the addition of fresh medium to the system in the event of a detected lack of medium. This enables the customer to eliminate downtime due to the need to refill the system. In
order to facilitate easier and faster emptying in the event of a change of medium, we have integrated an automatic emptying of the entire system. This is just a part of the system that makes up the automated robotized shot peening cell that enables the quality machining of this Asian airline’s components and,
consequently, safe landings of aircraft.

In the development phase of the automated robotized shot peening cell, the correct development and implementation of the sequence of technological processes with which we perform the peening process on the workpiece are extremely important. It is necessary to know the material of the workpiece, its behavior in the process of shot peening, and how this process affects the mechanical properties of the workpiece. Therefore, it is important to know beforehand the technology of aeronautical production and the mechanical and chemical
properties of materials on which we will perform the shot peening process. Without knowledge of prior behavior, the process of shot peening can be performed improperly, and it may also represent a certain risk for the product due to a wrong execution of the shot peening procedure, thus achieving a completely opposite effect. Therefore, the sequence of operations on the workpiece is extremely important.

In addition, the entire system is designed to protect operators during the work process as well as repairers during maintenance. In this case, we use a security key/card technology from Sick, which ensures that the work process can not be started during maintenance. In addition to this system, the equipment includes all other safety warning systems, the so-called security chain, which provides operator safety during the operation, and the safe operation of the entire cell.


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