Aero Precision Selected as Honeywell’s Exclusive Aftermarket Distributor for Military A/C Lighting

Aero Precision announced they have entered into an agreement with Honeywell Aerospace until 2025 as the exclusive aftermarket distributor for interior and exterior lighting on all fixed and rotary wing military aircraft. As the exclusive distributor Aero Precision will provide legacy lighting variants as well as new Retrofit, Modification and Upgrade (RMU) lighting solutions.

Aero Precision says they, and Honeywell, are committed to providing operators with comprehensive aircraft lighting solutions to improve reliability and performance. The RMUs will provide value to the customer through improved performance and longer life by replacing and upgrading legacy lighting technology with solid state lighting sources and incorporating functional improvements for ease of operation as well as increased mission capabilities. For example, the new Universal Search Lights (USL), on the UH60, CH47, AH64 and CH53 are form, fit and function replacements that increase pilots’ visual acuity, increase lamp life and reliability, lowers aircraft power consumption, is immersible and has single and dual mode capabilities for increased safety by allowing operators to be flexible and agile while performing critical missions.

Aero Precision and Honeywell are extending this long and successful partnership, as Aero Precision has been Honeywell’s exclusive military lighting distributor since 2007. Delivering timely operational readiness without sacrificing quality by working closely with Honeywell and stocking key LRUs in support of the world wide military market.

“We are thrilled to announce the continuation of our lighting agreement with Honeywell Aerospace. Aero Precision will continue to support our trusted partner and our valued customers by providing strategic readiness solutions. We will also qualify new products for improved mission performance. We are committed to the success of both our partner and customers.” says Dan Fleming, vice president and general manager of Aero Precision.

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