Air Industries Group Announces $7.4 Million Release for Commercial Jet Engine Components

Air Industries Group an integrated manufacturer of precision assemblies and components for leading aerospace and defense prime contractors, announced that it has received a $7.4 Million order for “Thrust Struts,” a critical component of the Geared Turbofan (“GTF”) Jet Engine. This release is part of a previously announced Long-Term Agreement (LTA).

“Military aviation products dominate Air Industries’ business. In terms of revenue, the Thrust Strut is our largest commercial aviation product,” said Lou Melluzzo, CEO of Air Industries. “The pandemic’s impact on air travel, and on the commercial aviation business, reduced demand for this product in 2020. This new release supports our sense that a rebound in commercial aviation is occurring sooner than expected. As a component of the Geared Turbofan Engine, our product is used on smaller airliners including the Embraer E2 and, most notably, the Airbus A-220, which has become increasingly popular with the Airline Operators.”

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