New K-TC Thermocouple Data Loggers From Influx

CAS DataLoggers introduced their new K-TC range from Influx Technology for standalone temperature data logging. The K-TC unit is available with 8, 16, or 32 channels; these can be stacked and daisy-chained to meet your requirements and capture data from an unlimited number of thermocouples. The K-TC has galvanic isolation across USB, CAN, Power, and TC boards to ensure the protection of all devices.

Experience the versatility and reliability of the K-TC range with three seamless modes:

Mode 1 – Standalone Temperature Data Logging

Say goodbye to the need for a PC! Store your thermocouple data directly within the device using the internal 8GB eMMC storage, recording many months of data. This standalone data logging mode ensures user-friendliness and

efficiency, enabling extended logging periods without requiring human interaction.

This capability can be used simultaneously with Mode 2.

Mode 2 – Temperature Data to CAN

Connect and transfer thermocouple data onto the CAN bus using Influx Technology’s
Rebel or ReXgen series, or another CAN bus logger. Use a Rebel series, ReXgen series, or an existing CAN bus data logger, to integrate the K-TC devices. Extend your capabilities by connecting the CAN bus output to a ReXgen Air and remotely collect your thermocouple data on an AWS S3 server.

Mode 3 – USB to PC

Witness thermocouple data come to life on your PC screen. Use the integrated oscil- loscope feature of K-CAL to visualize and interpret your measurements in real-time. This mode provides a dynamic and user-friendly way to capture, view, and export your data to third-party formats for in-depth analysis.


  • 8, 16, or 32 thermocouple connections
  • 20Hz sampling rate
  • Supports K, J, and T-type thermocouples
  • Simple signal configuration using a DBC file
  • Supplied with K-CAL configuration software for Windows
  • Stackable ABS enclosure The Influx K-CAL software is specifically designed to ensure you harness the full potential of the K-TC with precision and convenience. This powerful software allows for the con- figuration of up to five K-TCs at once and supports CAN message transmission with an oscilloscope for live data viewing. It also includes a DBC file for easy integration.