Air Plains Services Exhibiting 180XP 300 HP Cessna at AOPA Livermore Fly-In  

Air Plains Services will be on hand at the AOPA FLy-In in Livermore, Calf. (KLVK), June 21-22, to showcase its popular 300hp engine upgrade – this one on a Cessna 180 – as representative of its extensive line of higher horsepower engines for Cessna pistons.

“We’re excited to bring our own Cessna 180XP Extreme Performance aircraft to Livermore because it has our 300-horsepower upgrade as well as our Inpulse ADI system, both of which are available only through Air Plains,” said Mike Kelley, Air Plains owner.

Air Plains is widely known for its industry leading range of high-horsepower piston engine upgrades, including its famous XP line of extreme performance upgrades for Cessna 172, 180 and 182 models, as well as new STCs for 260 hp upgrades for Cessna 182 S/T and Cessna 182RG models.

Air Plains also ships complete engine upgrade kits anywhere in the world. The company’s kits include not only the engine and propeller (for most kits), but every part, baffle and bolt needed for installation. Air Plains has delivered or installed more than 3,000 engine upgrades in more than 40 years in business.

The Inpulse ADI system allows piston aircraft owners to safely use unleaded 91/93 octane fuel (MOGAS) in certain high-compression aircraft engines, offering a long-term solution to the uncertain future of 100 low lead aviation fuel. Inpulse is an anti-detonant injection (ADI) system controlled by sensors that actively monitor manifold pressure and cylinder head temperatures and inject a water-methanol mixture when required to suppress premature detonation.

Air Plains recently added Dynon Avionics to its range of avionics and ADS-B systems and components that includes Avidyne, Appareo, L3, Aspen, FreeFlight, and TruTrak. Air Plains also specializes in spare parts, offering more than 500 PMA part numbers, including certified airbox replacements at prices on a par with repaired boxes and at a fraction of OEM prices for new boxes.

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