Air Plains Services Gains PMA for Replacement Cessna 180, 182, 188 Airboxes  

Air Plains Services has gained Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the Federal Aviation Administration to manufacture new replacement airboxes for a variety of Cessna 180, 182 and 188 aircraft.  

The airbox, Part Number APS0750144-33, is certified for use on Cessna 180s produced since 1960 (C thru K), Cessna 182s produced from 1959 thru 1986 (B thru R), and Cessna 188s produced from 1966 thru 1975 (thru B).  This airbox is also eligible for installation on French Built (REIMS F182) and Argentine Built (DINFIA A182) 182s.

“We’re excited to now offer our customers new PMA airboxes to complement our popular airbox repair business,” said Katie Church, Air Plains Services head of marketing. “Our new PMA airboxes, like our certified repaired airboxes, are a fraction of the cost of an OEM part, and that makes a big difference for the discerning aircraft owner.”

Air Plains has incorporated several improvements into the new PMA airboxes based on its extensive experience repairing OEM airboxes. Improvements include:

  • A carburetor heat control arm made from a thickened, machined billet that reduces wear;
  • Oil-impregnated bronze bushings replacing needle bearings, also reducing wear and eliminating the possibility of detached needles being ingested into the engine;
  • Precision-ground, corrosion-resistant shaft to prevent accelerated wear due to corrosion;
  • Adhesive bonded joints at select connections to distribute stress and reduce fatigue cracking.

“The improvements we’ve designed into our new PMA airboxes give our customers added value when compared with other options on the market,” Church said. “Foremost, our high-quality design and manufacturing process means they will last longer, and that cuts downtime and cost that comes with more frequent repair.”

Because of its location, airboxes are subject to engine vibration which can lead to cracking and significant wear to moving components. Depending on the damage, the OEM airboxes can be repaired but eventually will need to be replaced.

In addition to the new PMA airboxes, Air Plains also offers standard, like-new, repaired airboxes for Cessna 172s, 180s and 182s, usually in stock for immediate shipment.

Air Plains is best known for its Cessna engine upgrades, installed in Kansas or shipped as a complete kit anywhere in the world. The XP line of upgrades consists of a 300 hp upgrade for Cessna 182 H through R model aircraft; a 300 hp upgrade for Cessna 180s, a 300 hp upgrade for Cessna retractable gear models R182, and a 180 hp upgrade for a large number of Cessna 172 models.

The company recently added new STCs for a 260 hp upgrade for Cessna 182 S and T model aircraft, a 260 hp upgrade for Cessna RG182s, and a 180 hp upgrade for Cessna 172R models.

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