Air Plains Services Named Dynon Avionics Authorized Dealer   

Air Plains Services has added Dynon Avionics, including the popular SkyView System, to its expansive range of products for a variety of aircraft models.

“Dynon’s SkyView System, now available through an STC for the Cessna 172, offers an incredible range of complete avionics packages our customers can now choose from that fit any requirement,” said Eric Papon, Air Plains avionics service manager. “We take pride in the high quality and reliability of the aviation products we offer our customers so being named an authorized dealer by Dynon, which also enjoys a stellar reputation in the industry, is a confirmation for us that we do things the right way.”

The addition of Dynon Avionics products continues to add to Air Plains’ wide range of  avionics and ADS-B components, engine upgrades, spare parts and aircraft services. In addition to avionics, Air Plains is widely known for its industry leading range of high-horsepower piston engine upgrades, including its famous XP line of extreme performance upgrades for Cessna 172, 180 and 182 models, as well as STCs for 260 hp upgrades for Cessna 182 S/T and Cessna 182RG models.

“The Skyhawk is our specialty so adding the SkyView system under the STC is a natural fit for us,” Papon said. “We also do high quality custom panels in our facility which minimizes downtime for a customer who comes in for new system.”

Dynon products are designed from a pilot’s perspective with a clean, intuitive interface through on-screen buttons and joystick knobs. The SkyView System is offered in three editions: SkyView HDX, SkyView Classic, and SkyView SE.

SkyView HDX is the new flagship SkyView system from Dynon. SkyView HDX features improved displays, unrivaled control ergonomics, and an upgraded touch interface. SkyView HDX displays are compatible with all existing SkyView components and feature identical mounting profiles and electrical connections.

The SkyView HDX features a robust PFD with synthetic vision and angle of attack, approach capable autopilot, engine monitor with all EGTs/CHTs. lean assist, and fuel computer, mapping with flight planning, ADS-B weather and traffic, EFB, and Mode S transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out.

“Dynon is also a leader in the market for experimental avionics systems, so we are authorized as a dealer for both lines, the experimental and certified,” Papon said.

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