Air Plains Services Returns to In-Person Exhibit at AOPA Aviator Showcases

General aviation engine and avionics upgrades specialist Air Plains Services announced it plans to exhibit at both AOPA Aviator Showcase events later this year.

The events, scheduled for August 27 in Manassas. Virginia, and October 1 in Fort Worth, Texas, will feature aircraft sales displays, technology-related seminars, and a large exhibit hall with product displays. AOPA has worked to ensure the events align with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We are so excited to be getting back to face-to-face interaction with our customers,” said Katie Church, head of marketing at Air Plains. “We’ve been very lucky to have kept a steady workload the past year, but we really miss being around our fellow aviators at events like this.

“We’ve added new products over the past year and we’re eager to show off our expanding product line to new and current customers alike,” Church said.

The most popular new product is the Lycoming drop-in electronic ignition system for the Air Plains 180hp engine upgrade for Cessna 172s.  The Lycoming EIS has no mechanical parts that wear and features all solid-state electronics providing a 2,400-hour operating service time and a more consistent spark with no inspections, no rebuilds, no overhauls.

Air Plains also recently added an STC for the new Hartzell Trailblazer propeller for its 300hp engine upgrade operators.  The swept-tip, scimitar shaped airfoil is designed for optimal take-off acceleration and climb performance and is designed and constructed to perform well in demanding backcountry operations. The Trailblazer is approved for use with wheels, floats, and skis.

The company also added Alpha Systems AOA stand-alone angle of attack systems to its line of avionics that includes Dynon, Guardian and BendixKing (including TruTrak), Avidyne, Genesys, Appareo, L3 and Aspen products.

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