Aircraft Maintenance/Mechanic Featured in New York Times Article

A special section of the Sunday, October 21, 2018 edition of the New York Times is called “24 Hours in America – Moments Across the Nation” and shows various happenings across the country throughout a typical day. One of the featured times is between 1am and 2am (the print version various slightly from the online version) and shows a young mechanic in Wichita, Kansas heading into an aircraft hangar, lunch, water jug and manual in hand. Other pictures show the mechanic working on the landing gear of a CJ4 aircraft. The mechanic, Sarah Witt, works for Textron Aviation. She explains to the reporter that the aircraft’s computer and landing gear weren’t communicating properly and that she is troubleshooting to determine why they are not communicating. It says that she started her shift at 3pm. In true mechanic style she is quoted as saying, “I would much rather be covered in fuel or hydraulic fluid than sitting at a desk.” See the article on the New York Times website here and look for 2:02am. (New York Times photo by Christopher Smith).



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