AireXpert Reports Rapid Acceleration of Global Network & Finds Secret to Dramatic Decrease in Costly Flight Delays In Midst of Economic Uncertainty and Severe Spending Cuts

AireXpert announced several key integrations and software enhancements that increase the performance of air carriers across their route networks and improve the passenger experience. The company says their latest release offers new ways to immediately capture the cost savings benefits of real-time operations collaboration without the necessity of upfront labor or resource commitments.

“Air carriers’ first priority and survival strategy focuses on preserving cash and minimizing spend,” says Andy Hakes, founder & CEO at AireXpert. “To meet those objectives, our rapid-response support crew is prepared to quickly deploy our time and cost saving platform into air carrier’s System Operating and Maintenance Control Centers (SOC/MOC) so that management and operational teams can increase control and visibility of maintenance events in real-time. Well informed business decisions are driven by team collaboration, situational awareness and up-to-the-second status updates. Our decision to expand these capabilities across carriers’ entire route networks is necessary to facilitate immediate savings while keeping delay performance high and compliance risks to a minimum.”

The latest release of AireXpert enables:

  • Core integrations with flight following and maintenance & engineering platforms
  • Vendor management & LMS integrations for systemwide compliance
  • Management escalation protocols for oversight, CASS & SMSThe new release of AireXpert is accessible immediately and flexible terms are available to meet the needs of partner air carriers. For more information, please contact Troy Salwei at For more information on AireXpert, please visit

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