Airforms, Inc. Adds Baffle Kits for Cessna 120/140

Airforms, Inc., the world’s largest producer of replacement baffle kits for antique and classic general aviation aircraft, has received FAA approval to manufacture kits for the Cessna 120/140. The 18-piece kits will fit both models of the Cessna classics since both were powered by the Continental 85 hp engine.

Owners can order the kits with bare metal or powder coated. Standard seals for the baffles feature black, high-temp silicone with a thin fiberglass “sandwich” in the middle. For a slight premium, the kit can be upgraded to orange or blue silicone seals with no other change in the seal specifications. Baffle kits, with good seals are essential for proper engine cooling.

Metal parts in the kit are configured from 6061-T6 aluminum ranging in thickness from .032-.040. The original crankcase baffles lack support and attachment pieces, so Airforms has added an approved modified part which stiffens the baffles and helps to secure them in place.

With all the aging certified aircraft, Airforms, Inc. has shipped over 5,000 baffle kits, for over 60 aircraft models, during the time the company has been in the business.

They are also a leading supplier for STCs and replacement parts for the Cessna Caravan and CASA series aircraft.

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