AMETEK AMERON Introduces New Cost Saving Outrights

AMETEK AMERON announced a new variety of fully overhauled, ready-for-use, and “as new” condition aircraft safety products, known as outrights. These outrights are available for immediate delivery from AMERON’s Baldwin Park, California warehouse. To maximize cost savings, the assemblies are overhauled using a combination of new OEM and PMA parts and sold. AMERON says most of their  outright products “save customers 30% to 40%” compared to buying new.

To expand the 14 different outrights already offered — including multiple series of oxygen masks, portable oxygen cylinders, and fire extinguishers — AMERON also added the 898867-3 and the 473957-4 fire extinguishers.

The remaining list of these units can be reviewed below and purchased directly from the AMETEK MRO online store ( or by calling our parts team at 626-856-0101.

Part Number; Description
MC10-08-109; Oxygen Mask Assembly
MC10-25-101; Oxygen Mask Assembly
MC10-25-104; Oxygen Mask Assembly
MC10-25-124; Oxygen Mask Assembly
MF20-003; Oxygen Mask Assembly
MF20-004; Oxygen Mask Assembly
MF10-05-11; Oxygen Mask Assembly
MF10-08-01; Oxygen Mask Assembly
5500-C1A-BF23A; Portable Oxygen Cylinder
9700-C1A-BF23A; Portable Oxygen Cylinder
892480; Water Portable Firex
33700002; B737 Fire Extinguisher
41004509-1; B777 EPAS bottle
3552AAADAACXCD; Oxygen Cylinder

“We are proud to continue offering cost saving solutions in outrights that improve the aircraft industry’s ability to keep operating with our high-quality parts and short lead times,” said Adam Brammer, divisional vice president and business unit manager of AMERON. “Our outright products, now including the 898867-3 and 473957-4, provide the same or better quality than an OEM. We also offer same-day shipment for most of our aftermarket products.”

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