APG Launches NaviGuard, a GPS Anomaly Detection App to Enhance Aviation Safety Amid Growing Spoofing and Jamming Threats

Aircraft Performance Group (APG), a leading provider of performance, weight and balance, and flight planning solutions for the aviation industry, introduces NaviGuard, a free, standalone GPS anomaly detection and verification iOS app designed to address the growing concern of GPS spoofing and jamming incidents that threaten aviators and passengers in crisis zones across the world.

The FAA recently published a Safety Alert for Operators, advising flight crews to monitor their onboard equipment and to be prepared to fly without satellite navigation. NaviGuard offers a crucial solution to safeguard commercial and business flight operators from spoofing threats. The app detects abnormal GPS readings on iPads and verifies GPS data using radio navigation.

Notable features of NaviGuard include:

  1. Anticipate Problems: Real-time monitoring of problem areas enables pilots to foresee and circumvent issues stemming from GPS spoofing and jamming before they occur.
  2. Set Active Alerts: Proactive in-app notifications alerts pilots of known danger zones during flights, presenting the option to reroute or proceed with complete awareness of potential hazards.
  3. Plot & Confirm: In-flight GPS coordinate verification by mapping relative to Navigational Aids (NAVAIDs), removing any uncertainty about location accuracy.

“By launching NaviGuard we reinforce our dedication to safe and precise flight planning across the aviation industry,” said Shawn Mechelke, president of APG. “This groundbreaking software offers peace of mind to pilots and flight operators, assuring that their navigation remains secure and accurate at all times.” The stand-alone iOS app is available for download at the app store.

APG is also integrating NaviGuard technology into other applications such as RocketRoute FlightPlan. APG acquired RocketRoute in 2021. NaviGuard does not store or share users’ GPS data.