ITPS Canada and Airbus Sign a Multi-year Agreement for Flight Test Training

The International Test Pilots School (ITPS Canada), an independent school of experimental flight testing, announced the signature of a multi-year contract with Airbus, for the provision of flight test training services. ITPS says this agreement is “a testament to the relentless pursuit of flight test and academic excellence, high-quality instruction and the commitment to delivering superior flight test training for which ITPS is renowned.”

The agreement builds on Airbus the experiences of the two since 2017 training individual fixed and rotary wing test pilots and flight test engineers from its multiple European divisions at the ITPS and cements ITPS’s position as a provider of advanced flight test training to European and the global aerospace industry. The training to be provided includes EASA approved CAT-1 and CAT-2 Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers courses, including the master of science degree option and numerous short courses for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), for fixed wing and rotary wing students.

“I am delighted and honored at the trust placed in ITPS by Europe’s biggest aerospace manufacturer and that ITPS graduates will continue to make invaluable contributions to industry flight testing,” ITPS’s CEO Giorgio Clementi stated.