Aviation Heaven Unveils the First Aircraft Type Based MRO Search Tool

Aviation Heaven, an online network platform for business aviation operators and maintenance facilities (MROs) announced the launch of the first aircraft type based MRO network for EASA, Isle of Man and San Marino registered business jets. After an extensive research and development time of nearly two years, the worldwide MRO database is now available to all business jet operators. The platform gives operators the ability to find MROs worldwide which have the capability to support their aircraft type. This will open new opportunities in aircraft management since the MROs are already known before the aircraft takes off to their destination. Maintenance slots can be booked in advance and multiple sources can be used in AOG situations. Results will be costs and time savings Aviation Heaven says.

The aircraft operator will get a world map with all their aircraft in his fleet. He can change locations of the individual aircraft and can search within a radius to see all MROs which have the approval for his type of aircraft. All MROs have their data available which allows the operator to contact them directly. It can be also used for planning purposes to get the operator an idea on which airports he will find maintenance support on the planned aircraft route.

“With this Tool on your side it will turn the management of business jets into a proactive way which ultimately saves maintenance and ferry flight costs,” Aviation Heaven CEO Andreas Past said. “You will find the MROs which are certified for your aircraft yype worldwide, anywhere and anytime.”

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