Avotek-Online Helps AMT Schools Who Want to Offer Online Classes

Avotek says it is doing its part to help schools through this change in direction for instruction. Last year the company launched Avotek-Online and went live with 20 courses aimed at A&Ps. Based on the latest ATEC survey, nearly three out of four A&P schools are working to move toward online learning wherever possible. “We are happy to offer some relief,” Avotek says.

These courses are available in different combinations, as needed. They may be purchased individually, according to the subject area in Part 147. This option gives the flexibility to match the material to the curriculum. These single subject courses can be used as the foundation for instruction or can meet FAA requirements for making available material that has been missed. For those preparing students for the AET exam, the Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics course is available in two large packages.

In addition to these online courses, Avotek has uploaded samples from five of the courses to YouTube. These can be found by entering Avotek Training in the YouTube search bar.

To help schools take advantage of this resource Avotek says they are offering special enterprise pricing based on the number of students that will be enrolling in each course.

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